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We therefore demand that the FDA rescind in its entirety the Proposed NDIN rules and create a new set of proposed rules that offers all of the aforementioned protections and adheres to the principles and intentions of congress set forth in the DSHEA Act.

We are going to make it clear to the both the FDA and congress that as citizens of this great country we are entitled to certain basic rights when it comes to our health:

  1. The right to choose what natural foods we may want to consume without government interference.
  2. The right to not have the pharmaceutical industry eliminate natural dietary supplements in the marketplace so we are only left with expensive and dangerous chemical choices that they own monopolies on.
  3. The right to continue to reduce our risk of developing deadly illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and others by having available to us any natural dietary supplement that has already been in the marketplace since 1994 and up until the present day.
  4. The right to have access to newly marketed natural dietary supplements without making it impossible for natural food marketers to supply them to consumers because of unreasonable research rules that have no basis in science.
  5. The right to purchase natural dietary supplements at reasonable prices without the costs being artificially inflated due to FDA NDIN requirements so nobody can afford them.
  6. The right to maintain a high quality active life with strong bones and joints, good vision and hearing, sexual function and cardiovascular health through the consumption of natural dietary supplements that are especially critical to older adults because of the natural loss of the body’s ability to absorb nutrients through food.

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